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I published some divs that were previously placed in faq category that may be of interest.

Are there any limitations for free unity version?



The plugin overrides the double-click behavior, so now you can not go to the object.


Double-clicking now expands hierarchy items, you can turn it off in the settings, you can also right-click the enable/disable icon to go to the object

How to maintain compatibility between people who do not use the plug-in.


Copy 'SharedFolder' to other machines or to disable cache or use 'SaveToFolder' option in cache setting.

After removing the plugin, You get the messages "missing component".


If you want to remove the plug-in then use one of the three options that you can see at the end of the settings list Window / Hierarchy Plugin / Settings.

If you migrated the project from 2017.x to 2018.x you should redownload plugin.


The plug-in has versions for unity 5.x, 2017.x and 2018.x, just import it again through the AssetStore window.