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The innovative pairing of favorites and history with the Hierarchy window. unobtrusive but powerful design.

Auto HighLighter

Automated mode for HighLighter. You can create the templates that will automatically be applied to the objects of the desired type

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    • Adaptability of the interface

      Dynamic behavior increases the convenience of working with the extension.

    • Left click is used to change parameters, and right click to search by parameter.

    • You may easy Disable/Enable objects by draggin.

    • Adaptability to Hide modules
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    • HighLighter

      Assignment of colors for personal components or gameObjects.

    • Use Conditions to Auto HighLightingr.

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    • Right Modules

      For each object, you can create a custom descriptions. And search by descriptions.

    • Instantly create and assign tags and layers. Search by assigned parameters.

    • You can search for objects with a specific component.

    • You can display variable methods and accessors right next to object name.

    • Managing Components

      In the settings, you can change the display options for the component toolbar.

    • Optimization Module

      It is possible to view information about the number of triangles or the amount of memory that occupies the textures on the object.

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      You can track references between objects.

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    • Favorites And Bottom Bar

      The bottom bar adds new ways to operate with objects.

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    • Right Click Objects Menu

      To call it, right-click to the left of the object.

    • In order to include your own item in the “left context menu”, simply inherit the HierarchyExtensions.IGenericMenu interface anywhere in your project.

    • All function for the “left context menu” are contained in the file RightClickObjectLeftMenu_Example.cs.

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    • Custom Modules

      And finally I want to add that you can easily create your own modules, the plugin is generally fully customizable and very convenient.

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    • Long Boring 21 min Review And Trailer