the latest version of project org does not allow to build project

select the plugin.dll file and set the editor only toggles for it

Are there any limitations for free unity version? No.

There are no limitations, all features, any plugins marked as pro, the same on all versions of the unity.

The plugin overrides the double-click behavior, so now you can not go to the object

Double-clicking now expands hierarchy items, you can turn it off in the settings, you can also right-click the enable/disable icon to go to the object

After removing the plugin, If get the messages "missing component"

This is to avoid accidental loss of data
If you want to remove the plug-in then use one of the three options that you can see at the end of the settings list
Window / Hierarchy Plugin / Settings

If migrated the project from 2017.x to 2018.x you must redownload plugin

The plug-in has versions for unity 5.x, 2017.x and 2018.x, just import it again through the AssetStore window



- Color for child lines
- Load/Save Layouts for modules
- button for category of hierarchy snapshots not working
- save the index of the current bookmark category for the main window

- 'cross referenses' warning in multiscene play mode !!!
- disabled cache throws exceptions !!!
- behaviour for remove the slot of workflow layout !!!

- HyperGraph includes non-serializable fields
- fix case ObjectCacheHelper errors on scene changing

- flickering of head line
- update old bookmarks after update
- behavior of the registrator cache
- warning window, if the registrator script is inside the editor folder
- paddings for StaticFields Module
- case with colored Label padding
- exclude empty string for custom modules' search
- the custom modules affects the active selection
- slowdowned editor if preset window shows empty category
- and a few more fixes


- New convenient design of settings menu.
- New Settings serialization method. Fixed all complitable issues now. Ability to import exposrt settings.
- SharedFolder that includes common files.
- Aligment for left icons.
- Colors for BG Lines.
- Ability to search within a active parent object.
- [BOTTOM] Custom order for categories at the bottom panel. Bookmark have colorized subcategories. There's also new expanded items snapshot category.
- [BOTTOM] Some improvments in hypergraph.
- [BOTTOM] Drawing parents for active selection.
- [BOTTOM] Buttons - Disables bottom's categories.
- [BOTTOM] Ability to disable largt tooltips
- [RIGHT] +6 custom modules slots
- [RIGHT] New example of custom module for EditorStaticFlags.
- [RIGHT] New example of menu item which revercing children order.

- IMGUI error when initializing!
- New behaviour disable resetting the scroll position when script is reloaded!
- Errors if windows maximization!
- Errors when saving presets and loading presets and using different .net libs
- Errors when using DataKeeper
- Settings compatibility issues between versions of different versions and when working with .NET 3.5 and 4.6
- Serialization errors on different systems
- Invalid positioning of the search box
- Displaying icons for components assigned in the project window
- Number of Columns and Buttons at the bottom interface
- Well, a lot of small things in the interface and modules
- Changed internal structure for compatibility with new project hierarchy plugin


- New Great Features - "Presets Manager". Manager can save the parameters of components and objects. You can easily select different configurations to achieve the best results.
- New "Highlighter" Interface.
- "HyperGraph" were moved out of experimental in 2.2, "HyperGraph" does not slow down the workflow, you can place "HyperGraph" in a dockable window, so now you can drag and drop objects.
- "PlayMode Data Keeper" can persist UnityObjects, Enable/Disable states, hierarchy of objects, removed or added components and objects.
- You Can Create "Custom Modules" and place them in the right pane

- registrator behaviour
- initialization errors
- hierarchy scrolling
- Data Keeper object selection behavior
- hypergraph scrolling
- hierarchy content padding if cache disable
- many many other fixes


- Great WIKI page: (integrated into the settings window)
- Many many small updates almost in each plugin's part

- many many fixes almost in each plugin's part, colors, highlighter, storage, panels, components, icons, stylings, interactions, ui displaying, hotkeys using, integration, in general everything


- New Features "HYPERGRAPH" (You can track the references assigned to the variables of the selected object and the external references to the current object)
- The ability to display 'Functions' and 'Variables' in hierarchy window using attribute [SHOW_IN_HIER]

- New category 'Sorting_layers'/'Order_in_layer' for SripteRenerers
- Ability to enable registrator for instancing objects without losing hierarchy custom parametrs
- Ability to move the object up and down in hierarchy
- Ability pin a 'Scene icon' to keep it in the same place
- Ability to add rows for the last and custom selections

- You can use colors for the icons of the 'Left Panel'
- You can change the size of the icons of the 'Left Panel'
- You can use colors for custom user icons of the 'Right Panel'

- New interface for settings

(to move the object up and down in hierarchy)
(toggle lock state)
(to unlock all)
(open/close hypergraph)
- Skip locked objects clicking through the scene view

- Cache manager for deleting stored data

- an DescriptionHelperObject.prefab is marked with HideFlags.DontSave but is included in the build
- erroneous adding whitespace after duplicating a description
- hotkeys for last selections swither
- saving interface states after exit
- changing categories order
- ...other many minor fixes^^


- .Net4.6 support
- Color Highlighter
- Fixed duplicating descriptions and higlights
- Fixed hierarchydata.txt is included in the build
- Fixed missing DescriptionHelperObject.prefab
- Fixed error at EModules.EModulesInternal.Hierarchy+M_Descript.des
- Fixed error at EModules.EModulesInternal.Hierarchy+M_Descript.des
- Fixed the double size of textures
- some minor fixes...

v1.15 PATCH 1

- Fixed Changes in play mode
- Fixed missing icons in 5.6.x
- System.NullReferenceException on initialize in 2017.1p4


- Use Control or Alt keys for stored selections to Merge or to Except.
- Line height adjustment
- Customize of split of custom icons
- Right padding affects everything
- Hiding the right panel while playing
- Improved integration
- Moving an Asset to Another Folder
- Disabling during rename or search
- Simultaneous disabling of similar components
- Different menu items for similar components
- Disabling renaming after changing the selection
- ...many minor fixes


- memory overflow, performance, conflicts with other plugins, missing component, or compatibility with the 2017


NEW: (Are marked with a label "NEW")
- Сusomize space between component's icons
- HOTFIX:) Editor slowing down and conflicts with some plugins which extend editor!!!
- HOTFIX:) Filtres for Components after 1.11 upgrade!!!
- 'Window'►'Hiereachy pluging'►'Settings' - not opening in unity 2017
- Offset expanding interface
- Icons (freezze/setactive) for light ui skin
- Fix sibling position in "Duplicate Next to GameObject" example - Fix undo name in "UnGroup" example ...many minor fixes


- (FEATURES) Navigator for Selecting and Fast Scenes Switcher
"You can store Selections of GameObjects"
"You can switch between recently selected GameObjects"
"You can switch between recently selected Scenes"
"You can interact with other windows"
- Great Performance Improvement
- Now the component icons can be placed next to the GameObject name
- Performance tuning for Optimizer - Right click on empty tags or layers opens a search window without filters
- Other minor things...^^
- drawing and delay - multi-scene display
- multi-scene Optimizer Broadcasting
- loss MonoBehaviour during long pause
- multi-Hierarchywindow
- other minor fixes...^^


- Optimizer broadcasting texture "error" message
- MonoScript selection window exeption
- Column alignment
- Hidden scene settings icon


- Dynamic width adjustment
- Bind Header To The Top - Toogle
- Settings in GenericMenu Content:
- Filter selection by component
- Ctrl+CLICK functions
- canvas icons missing
- improved performance
- access level HierarchyExtensions.IGenericMenu
- null assembly
- BroadCasting Optimizer and Texture Importer error