Dynamic behavior increases the convenience of working with the extension.

Left click is used to change parameters, and right click to search by parameter.

HyperGraph - You can track links between objects.

You can also track the objects relations by UnityEvents.

Bottom Bar - it displays Bookmarks, Scenes, Last Selections, Expanded Objects.

You can enable disable parts of bar at your discretion, or hide the panel.

Components are displayed next to objects.

The components have a menu, you can invoke functions or get the values ​​of variables.

Displaying - You can display variable / methods / properties / enums right next to object name.

Use the [SHOW_IN_HIER] attribute for any case.

Search window - use the right button to invoke it.

You can use the right click on the title to find all the objects with assigned parameter, if it has been assigned.

Use control to search in child objects only.

Assignment of colors for personal components or gameObjects.
Auto Highlighting - you can also use auto-highlighting depending on names, components, or tags.

Descriptions - For each object, you can create a custom descriptions. And search by descriptions.

You can also use the right click to search by description.

Tags / Layers / Sprite order - Instantly create and assign tags and layers.

You can also use the right click to search by any parameters.

Memory - It is possible to view information about the number of triangles or the amount of memory that occupies the textures on the object.

You can also use the broadcast function to find large textures that are which are used by a small number of objects.

Custom Menu - this expandable menu already includes Grouping / Ordering / MultyRenaming and other menu items.

All examples of menu items are in a special file.

Custom Item - inherit the HierarchyExtensions.IGenericMenu to include your own item.

You can assign local hot keys that will only work in the chosen windows, for example only in SceneView window and Hierarchy window.

Custom Modules - the plugin is generally fully customizable and very convenient.

You can assign local hot keys that will only work in the chosen windows.

States - You may easy Disable/Enable objects by dragging.

Right click to frame object in scene view, if you enable double left click for expanding.

Hiding - Adaptability to Hide modules.

You can also lock empty modules until pressed chosen key.

you can also watch 21 minute one of the old videos.

A time stamp is placed on the right.