In the hierarchy settings, some categories contain links to the relevant wiki pages.

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You can also pay attention to other assets:

There is a free asset for autosaving scenes.

There is a free asset for snapping objects.

Quick and easy access, right in the hierarchy window.

Hierarchy notes

You can create your own functions for handling objects.

You can search and filter objects with a separate popup.

Colors - Labels - Icons ... Search Window ... A special context menu ... HyperGraph - Links between objects ... Bottom Interface - Bookmarks ... Memory ... Components icons ... Presets
Features illustrated in short gif animations
- Pre-selected parent -
that allows you to assign a pre-selected parent via hot keys class MyMenu_Parenter_SetParent : HierarchyExtensions.IGenericMenu {
internal static GameObject _CurrentParent;
internal static GameObject CurrentParent
{ get
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Auto Highlight Feature - allows you to automatically apply hierarchy colors.

You can create many conditions based on the names of objects or tags or component types.

Quick and easy access, right in the hierarchy window.

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